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Vagrant with Windows Support!

In a previous article we explored a convoluted way to allow Vagrant to manage windows guest machines. As pointed out by a comment, Vagrant new version (1.6+) has native windows guest support, which means that most of the steps are not needed. Let’s quickly explore this new feature. Setup guest Nothing complicated to do here, […]

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Using Vagrant with Chocolatey and Puppet to spin up virtual machines

In this article I would like to walk through my process in setting up a Vagrant ready Virtual Machine with a Windows guest, that I intend to use as a developer machine for my team. First of all let’s have a look at what Vagrant is and what problems is intended to resolve. Vagrant Vagrant […]

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Continuous Integration with a Custom NuGet server

In any software development shop with a bit of common sense, sooner or later someone will raise the question on how to deploy and manage all the common libraries and modules which do not belong to a specific project but are used across the board. A few solutions exists, but one which I particularly like […]

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Build and deploy .NET projects with Rake and Albacore

Hello. I wanted to share with you a small rake script that I use to build and deploy my .NET projects, be they web sites or simple DLLs that need consistent versioning and trackability in the wild. If you don’t know rake, it is a task oriented ruby gem that allows to do a lot […]

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