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Entity Framework part 3: Testing the DbContext

In the previous episode we saw how to map our complex models in a database using Entity Framework and we were left with the question of how to test our mappings and our model context. We will quickly go through those scenarios now. Integration Testing Integration tests are a particular type of tests which are […]

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Entity Framework part 2: Migrations and Relationships

In a previous post we had a brief introduction to Entity Framework 5 and Code First Migrations. We created a Task Model for our ToDo application and added a relevant Table to the DB, seeding it with data. In this post, we will add fields to the existing model and we will add another model, […]

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Build and deploy .NET projects with Rake and Albacore

Hello. I wanted to share with you a small rake script that I use to build and deploy my .NET projects, be they web sites or simple DLLs that need consistent versioning and trackability in the wild. If you don’t know rake, it is a task oriented ruby gem that allows to do a lot […]

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Advanced Bundling and Minification of Coffeescripts in MVC4

Hi All, In the past couple of days I have tried to solve a problem in ASP.NET and MVC4 regarding the bundling and minification of Coffee files. You can see the details in my question on stackoverflow. Basically I am trying to have my coffee scripts, defined in a bundle, to be rendered separately when […]

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Entity Framework Primer: Initial Configuration and Migration

Hi All, I have been experimenting a bit with Entity Framework, the new v5, and wanted to share some of the little nice things that can get you started quickly. Setting up First of all you may want to install Entity Framework through NuGet. Keep in mind that you don’t need to do that if […]

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